June 1, 2020

Shared Resources have been added to highlight some of the ways the needs identified by international days are being met.

1 June—The Global Day of Parents appreciates the role of parents as having the primary responsibility for nurturing and protecting their children. Countries are encouraged to celebrate the Day in full partnership with civil society, particularly involving young people.

4 June—The International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression highlights the importance and the right for children to enjoy special protection, especially those who are the victims of abuse and aggression.

5 June—World Environment Day invites people to set aside their differences in pursuit of the health of the natural world. It is imperative to protect nature for future generations as many general practices today threaten the future integrity of animals, plants, and natural systems.

8 June—World Oceans Day celebrates oceans as one of the most integral sources of life on Earth and encourages the alteration of human actions to preserve their beauty. By preserving the oceans, we protect that which affects countless food and medicine sources, ecosystems, and climates. Alleviating pressure upon them will ultimately increase the present and future health of the world.

12 June—The World Day Against Child Labor gives attention to the extent of child labor in the world while inviting efforts to bring about its end. The ending of child labor is a goal of the 2030 agenda. This day brings light to the suffering of these laborers and incentivizes groups to unite in the fight against child labor.

17 June—
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought highlights the effect that desertification has on food supply and the stability of peoples because so much of what humans rely on for healthy living stems from land resources.

19 June—
International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict highlights the criminal practice of sexual violence and its prevalence across the globe. This day invites support for victims and the pursuit of the elimination of sexual violence as a war tactic and “impediment to peace.”

20 June—
World Refugee Day is motivated by the need to protect the dignity and safety of refugees. It serves as a platform for raising the awareness of governments of the plight of refugees and motivating them to extend quality help to these people.

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