“Our goal is to become painfully aware, to dare to turn what is happening to the world into our own personal suffering
and thus to discover what each of us can do about it.”

~Pope Francis, LS#19

We commit ourselves to both personal and communal conversion and
We wish to move forward together in an orchestrated and coordinated response
In Listening to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor
As we go forth as instruments of hope in the heart of the world.

(Vision accepted 2019 UISG Plenary)

Our guiding goals are to create a coordinated effort of the members of UISG, provide resources for the study of Laudato Si', and to partner with like-minded organizations working care of the planet. We strive to provide opportunities to meet the "cry of the earth and the cry of the poor."

Africa AF East C1
Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda,
Kenya, Tanzania
America North C1 & C2
Canada Français and English
Version française
Asia APME South Asia C1
India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar,
Pakistan, Nepal
Europa Euro North C1
Norway, Ireland, Great Britain, Hungary,
Romania, Netherlands, Malta
Africa AF East C2
Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe
America AM North C3
United States
Asia APME South Asia C2
Japan, Korea
Europa Euro Central C2
Germany, Luxembourg, Austria,
Africa AF East C3
Angola, Mozambique, Seychelles
America AM Central C4
Mexico Versión en español
Asia APME East Asia C3
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Europa Euro Central C3
Belgium Version française
Africa AF Central C4.1
Chad, Cameroun, Congo, Guinea East, Gabon
Version française
America AM Central C5
Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti,
Antilles, Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago 
Versión en español
Asia APME South East Asia C4
Europa Euro Central C4
France Version française
Africa AF Central C4.2
Madagascar, La Reunion Islands
Version française
America AM Central C6
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Panama, Belize
Versión en español
Asia APME South East Asia C5
Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia
Europa Euro East C6
Poland, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Czechia,
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovaka
Africa AF Central C5.1
Democratic Republic of Congo
Version française
America AM Central C7
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
Versión en español
Asia APME Pacific Region C6
Australia, Papua New Guinea
Europa Euro South C7
Spain, Portugal
Africa AF Central C5.2
Rwanda, Burundi
America AM South C8
Versão em português
Asia APME Pacific Region C7
New Zealand Nuova Caledonia, Fiji,
Samoa, Tonga
Europa Euro South C8
Italy, Albania
Versione italiana
Africa AF South C6
Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho,
America AM South C9
Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador
Versión en español
Asia APME Middle East C8
Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Iraq
Europa Euro South C9
Versione italiana
Versión en español
Africa AF West C7
Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo,
Guinea, Ivory Coast

Version française
America AM South C10
Columbia, Venezuela, Costa Rica
Versión en español
Africa South C8
Ghana, Nigeria